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On-Site Health Care Services


    Dental      Optometry      

Podiatry      Audiology


Long Term Healthcare Facilities

Let SeniorDent help you provide On-Site Healthcare for your residents.  Dental, Optometry, Podiatry and Audiology* care can all be provided On-Site in your Long Term Healthcare Facility in the comfort of your residents surroundings.

Driving Access to Quality Care

SeniorDent's focus is to provide residents with experienced and caring healthcare professionals who are sensitive to the special needs of and the importance of continued healthcare in older and compromised patients.  SeniorDent's physicians use modern portable medical equipment and visit contracted facilities on a proactive scheduling basis for the managment of treatment plans.

Making your job easier

Our programs save time and money by providing all services On-Site.  No inconvenience of transporting your residents off site.  We keep you and your facility compliant by offering In-Service education programs and the required assessment programs for 5 star ratings.

* Services are not available in all States